38th Annual Los Iseños Fiesta

Louisiana's Spanish Treasure!

Image of Los Isleños Museum
Los Isleños Museum

In an effort to preserve the heritage of our ancestors, those brave and hearty pioneers who braved the Atlantic Ocean and the Louisiana marshes to mold St. Bernard Parish and other parts of Louisiana, the Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society was organized in 1976.

We are dedicated to preserving the legends, crafts, customs, rituals, beliefs, and music that add flavor and meaning to the study of St. Bernard Parish history and to Louisiana history. We feel strongly that this rich heritage deserves recognition, celebration, and preservation.

You are invited to explore our website and learn more about the heritage and culture of the Canary Island Descendants Community. We participate in and host numerous events each year, and you are invited to attend or even participate as a volunteer if you would like. The life blood of the Society is its members, of all ages, who continue to keep their ancestors' memories alive and preserved for future generations!

Mission Statement

"Los Isleños Heritage and Cultural Society of St. Bernard is organized to preserve, interpret and promote the language, heritage and cultural tradition of colonists from the Canary Islands who settled in Louisiana between 1778 and 1783 and founded the Parish of St. Bernard in 1780. Further the Society shall document the historical and cultural evolution of the Canarian colonists and their descendants in St. Bernard, interpreting the evolution through the interaction of the Canarian Descendants Community with the natural environment, Native Americans, French, Africans, other Spaniards, Germans, Sicilian Italians and all other ethnic groups which have contributed to the ethnic diversity of the region. The Society shall develop, or provide for the development of, Los Isleños Museum Complex, wherein the heritage and cultural traditions of the Canary Islanders shall be publicly interested, in addition to the manner in which the Canarian Descendants Community has adapted and become an important element of the cultural diversity of Lower Louisiana. The Society shall fund an annual scholarship to be awarded to a member of the Canarian Descendants Community entering a course of studies in a university or college."

Image of a map showing the migration routes of the Isleños to Louisiana
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